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Homemade Ponzu sauce

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Ponzu is one of the most commonly used sauces on the Japanese table. This citrus-based sauce is a must-have item when it comes to Nabe(shabu-shabu), and it is also so versatile that can be used in salad as a dressing, a dipping sauce for meat/fish dishes, even for cold noodles.

You can adjust the flavor from tart-tangy to sweet-umami based on your preference by making it at home, so enjoy making your very own all-purpose sauce!


Dashi shoyu

Soy sauce 200ml

*In case of using Hon tamari : Hon tamari 100ml + water 100ml

Kombu 5cm×5cm 1piece

Katsuobushi flakes 10~15g

Mirin 30ml


・①Dashi shoyu 100ml

Citrus juice 100ml

Rice vinegar 50ml

How to make

1. Make a dashi shoyu. Put soy sauce, kombu, katsuobushi flakes, mirin all together into a sealed container, and rest it in a fridge for 2~3days.

2. Take "1" out of the fridge, and sieve kombu and katsuobushi flakes.

3. Add the citrus juice and rice vinegar to "2"


・The citrus could be lemon, orange, sudachi, yuzu anything you like. It can be one of them or a mixture of two or more.

・Citrus juice from a supermarket is fine but using the squeezed juice from the fresh citron delivers you a way better sent.

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