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Vegetable miso stir fry

Miso is a perfect seasoning to enhance the flavor of the ingredients without outperforming but bringing out the extra umami of the dishes.

It is a simple but tasty & healthy dish, as well as a great way to consume your leftover vegetables in your fridge.


Fried tofu 300g

Cabbage  1/5

Carrot 1/2

Green paper  2

Yellow paper 1/2

Garlic 3 cloves

Sesame oil a little

*Vegetables can be replaced according to preference

Miso sauce

Mame Miso 20g

Suger 10g

Sake 10g (white wine can be used instead)

How to make

1. Heat the pan with the sesame oil and add the garlic and fried tofu

2. When the garlic is cooked slightly, add the carrot first and cook for a minute, then add the other vegetables

3. Add the miso sauce once the vegetables get softened, and mix well.

4. Enjoy!!

*Add Sesame seed on top for your preference.

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