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Miso caprese

Updated: Apr 15

Preparing dishes doesn't need to be complicated. Simple and easy, but still tasty especially when it comes to making Appetizers.

Cheese and miso are a great pair, but adding fresh tomato to complete that balances out the whole flavor.

Enjoy this simple but fancy-looking dish(maybe with a glass of wine) with your loved one as we approach the end of the year.



Mozzarella cheese


Decorative plant(Basil, Sesame leaf, Beefsteak plant, etc)

Olive oil


Black pepper

How to make

1. Slice the tomato and mozzarella cheese in a bit size and place on a plate.

2. Add a bit of miso on top.

3. Grill the miso and cheese on the surface just a little bit by using a food torch. (Optional)

4. Sprinkle black pepper and drizzle olive oil, and finish up by decorating lemon.

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