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Since 1928,
Noda Miso persists in natural perfection to preserve traditional and genuine taste of miso.

Our miso is simply made of soybeans and salt, and we nurture it in giant wooden barrels, typically for over 18 months. The flavor, color, and taste of our products are pure and rich.

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Natural fermentation only

Our products are fermented and matured in a natural environment for over 18 months, where nothing is artificially controlled.


Wooden barrels only

No stainless tanks or other metal equipment is used for the fermentation process. We use only wooden barrels, the traditional method for bringing out the genuine miso taste.



Genetically modified foods have not yet proven their safety in long-term tests. We use only non-GMO ingredients for our customers’ well-being.

Mame Miso – Pure soybean Miso 
People have little recognition regarding soybean miso, unlike rice or mixed one, which makes it has more potential in the market. Soybean miso is regarded as premium miso due to its long maturing period and unique flavor as well as its nutritional benefits.

Food education
Since 1988, we have been offering food education to children. We strongly believe a healthy food culture is fundamental to building healthy hearts and minds among people, families, societies, and nations.  


As a leading soybean miso manufacturer, Noda Miso Co. confidently assumes responsibility for preserving the traditional way of miso-making.


We are committed to handing down our food culture to the next generation and beyond.


We will be truly honored if we can share the health benefits of our naturally made miso with people throughout the world.

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