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Seasoned tree onion and squid (with vinegar and miso)

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Japan has distinctive four seasons and each season offers prime ingredients for a short time when the given ingredients are freshest and most savory.

Fresh spring tree onion with squid that added sour taste of vinegar with the pungent aroma of miso will get your lost appetite back and help you to overcome spring fatigue.


Tree onion (wageki) 1 bundle (about 10 stalks)

Squid 1ea

Soybean miso 50g

Vinegar 3tbsp

Sugar 1.5tbsp

How to make

1. Remove the intestines of the squid and rinse properly.

2. Rinse the tree onion, and cut it in a half to fit in the pot.

3. Blanch the tree onion for about 1 min.

4. Boil the squid until the color gets white.

5. Cut the ingredients in a bite-size.

6. Mix the miso, vinegar, and sugar well in a bowl.

7. Add the squid and tree onion to '6' and mix them well.

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