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Pickled green onion miso

Miso pickles (misozuke) are one of the typical dishes on Japanese tables. Each household has a different recipe with different ingredients just like the recipe of miso soup. It is simple to make, but the outcome is great.

Green onion, cucumber, and carrot are classic ingredients to go with, but throw in whatever you like as there is no rule for it!


Spring onion (mainly white part) 1stalk


Mixed miso (rice miso7: soya miso3) 3tbsp

Amazake(2times concentrated) 3tbsp OR Mirin 3tbsp + Sake 1tbsp

Sugar 1tsp (optional)

How to make

1. Put the ingredients② into Ziploc bag and mix it well.

2. Cut the spring onion in a size to fit the bag and put it in.

3. Put the bag in the fridge and rest it for 2-3day.

*When the spring onion gets soft and squishy, it is about the right time.

4. Take the spring onion out and finely chop.

Place it on the top of the rice that just cooked, and see if you can resist!

Also great match with sake!!


Add a bit of chili powder, ground garlic for your preference.

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