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Miso Soup

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Miso soup is the classic recipe of miso that allows you to enjoy a genuine taste of miso.

It is simple, but versatile with nearly unlimited ingredients can go with.

Ingredients (serving for 2)

  • Soybean Miso 20g

  • Water 400ml

  • Dashi stock (Katsuobushi) 1cup

  • Reasonable quantity of your favorite ingredients

1. Add Dashi stock to boiling water and simmer for 2mins.

2. Remove Dashi stock.

3. Add your favorite ingredients and simmer until thoroughly cooked.

4. Turn off the stove, and add miso by putting it in a strainer and dipping it into the broth while stirring it so that the miso dissolves easily.

5. Enjoy!!

Typical of Dashi ingredients

Katuobushi (bonito flakes)

- Boil it in the water

Kombu (kelp) :

- Soak it in water for 30 mins

- Heat up water and remove it before the water boil

Niboshi (sardine, anchovy, etc.) :

- Remove head and guts

- Boil it in the water

No limit on toppings

Vegetables, meat, fish, miso soup can be matched with any type of ingredient whatever you like

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