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Storage of miso

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

This is one of the most frequently asked questions as a miso maker. Many types of miso come within a different package, so there is often confusion about a proper storage method of miso.

Here are some tips for a more enjoyable dining experience!

Various factors affect the flavor of miso, and the environment is one of the important elements that determine it.

Avoid contact with the air and hot temperature!

There are tons of micros in the air and some of them are not favorable to miso, and those micros easily grow on the surface of miso, which is full of the nutritious habitant.

Also, contact with the air results in changing the color and taste that deteriorate the flavor of the miso.

Above the room temperature and direct sunlight accelerate an aging process, which causes rapid changes in color and taste so you might lose a chance of the best time to consume.

Then, how to store?

Room temperature

Miso is fermented food with a certain salt level, so it hardly goes bad unless otherwise with extreme conditions.

The products purchased from a supermarket can be stored at room temperature before you open them (when a seal is intact), just make sure to avoid direct sunlight.

It is recommended to choose the below options when you see the rapid change in color even the package hasn’t torn.


Keep in a fridge once the product is opened. Put in a container completely sealed, and it is recommended to cover the surface with cling wrap to minimize contact with the air.

A fridge is a common way to store miso, but it doesn’t stop miso from further fermentation completely. You will still see the changes in color and flavor slightly when the miso is kept for a while.


A freezer is rarely considered as an option to store miso, but it is the best place to store if you want miso to completely stop fermenting. Miso doesn’t freeze thanks to its salt level, but since it gets harder, it is recommended to store it in a small portion so you can just take it one by one when you need it.


- Avoid contact with the air and extreme conditions (hot temperature, humidity)

- Room temperature: Before opening the package (seal is intact)

- Fridge: Once the miso package opened

- Freezer: If you want miso stopping fermenting completely.

Enjoy your miso in the best condition by keeping it properly based on your preference!

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