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Types of miso - Mame Miso

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Mame Miso (Soybean Miso)

Pure soybean miso, exclusively produced in the central area of Japan, is well known as premium miso thanks to its long fermentation period (1–3years) and nutritional benefits.

As soybean miso contains no grain, it has a very rich and deep flavor, relatively strong taste, and profoundly dark color.

Since miso is deeply entrenched into each local community, the type of miso can be divided geographically rather clearly.

The most produced miso is rice miso (米味噌), which is consumed most part of Japan, consists of 80% of the market share followed by mixed miso (10%).

Soybean miso (豆味噌) is eaten in the central part of Japan called Tokai area(東海地域), whereas barley miso (麦味噌) is mainly consumed from Kyusyu area(九州), and each of those miso has about 5% market share respectively.

Health Benefits

‧Boosting the immune system

‧Lowering risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

‧Lowering blood pressure

‧Lowering cholesterol level

‧Acting as an anti-aging solution: maintaining healthy and glowing skin

‧Maintaining healthy nervous and digestive systems

‧Relieving fatigue

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