No artificial additives added 

・Main ingredient is miso that matured for over 18 months using soybean from Aichi prefecture only

・Since the soybean grains remain as the miso using this product is directly from a wooden barrel, you can enjoy the rich aroma and chewy taste of miso

・ Deep & rich flavor of miso, spicy & pungent flavor of ginger and nutty flavor of sesame harmonized beautifully that can go with basically any dishes whatever you like

・ No artificial additives added

Shiki Miso Sauce

  • Ingredients

    Miso (Soybean, Salt, Roasted barley flour, Koji mold), Sugar, Ginger, Sesame, Alcohol


    Nutritional Information(Per 100g)

    Energy 253kcal, Protein 6.7g, Fat 4.3g, Carbohydrate 46.8g, Salt 4.1g

    Shelf life

    270days from the date of manufacture





    Storage information

    ・Keep in a cool place and avoid of sunlight

    ・Keep in a fridge once opened