Additive-free miso that was originally blended for school lunches in Aichi.


Both soybean miso and rice miso aged in wooden barrels and blended in the ideal ratio.


Using the finest soybean and rice from Aichi prefecture only.

Kodomo Awase

  • Ingredients

    Soybean (Non GMO), Rice, Salt, *(Roasted barley flour, Koji mold)

    * Not indicated in the label in accordance with the Consumer Affairs Agency of the Japanese government.

    * Gluten level in the product deemed gluten free(less than 20ppm) according to the CODEX standard.


    Nutritional Information(Per 100g)

    Energy 192kcal, Protein 11.6g, Fat4.8g, Carbohydrate 25.3g, Salt 10g


    Shelf life

    270days from the date of manufacture





    Storage information

    ・Keep in a cool place and avoid of sunlight

    ・Keep in a fridge once opened

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    Kodomo Awase