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Wooden barrel aged instant miso soup

・Main ingredient is miso that aged for over 18 months in a cedar barrel using soybean from Aichi prefecture only

・Satisfactory volume of garnish (spring onion, fried tofu, seaweed – freeze dried) that also good as an alternative meal‧ No MSG, No GMOs in ingredients

Aka-dashi instant miso soup

  • Ingredients

    ・Soybean miso paste: Miso (Soybean, salt, roasted barley flour, koji), bonito seasoning (bonito powder, salt, suger, yeast extract, kombu powder), alcohol

    ・Garnish pack: Wakame seaweed, fried tofu, spring onion

    Nutritional Information(Per serving)

    Energy 31kcal, Protein 2.0g, Fat 0.8g, Carbohydrate 3.9g, Salt 1.95g


    Shelf life

    270days from the date of manufacture



    100g, 4 set (Miso paste x 4 + Garnish packet x 4)/ea


    Storage information

    ・Keep in a cool place and avoid of sunlight

    ・Use up once miso paste or garnish pack opened

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